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Publications – Transcell
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Articles / Chapters published in books

  1. Elsevier, Toxicogenomics-Based Cellular Models: Alternatives to Animal Testing fo safety assessment, (ISBN 9780123978714).

Invited talks

  1. A toxicogenomics approach to study the mode of action of tributyltin oxide on human T lymphocytes. 6th Meeting of the Immunotoxicology & Chemical allergy specialty section (ITCASS) NOTOX den Bosch, The Netherlands.
  2. Unraveling of the mode of action of immunotoxicity of TBTO using GSEA. National research council Symposium of the standing committee on Risk analysis issues and reviews, National academy of sciences, Washington DC, USA. (Received a Travel grant award).
  3. Isolation and Characterization of Single Circulating Tumor Cells in a Self-Sorting Nanowell Plate. Oral talk presented 2nd International Symposium on Advances in Circulating Tumor Cells (ACTC 2014) Crete, Greece.
  4. Genetic testing and Genome medicine Industry prospective, Invitation for 3rd Indian Cancer Genetics Conference, ACTREC, Mumbai, India
  5. Tumor organoids for anti cancer drug screening. Dr.Reddys Institute of Life sciences (DRILS) Hyderabad, India.
  6. Advances in Next generation sequencing technologies. National seminar on frontiers in Microbial biotechnology, Osmania university Hyderabad, India.